Benefits and Drawbacks of Holiday Rentals

On your next holiday, you may cut costs by renting a vacation cottage. The benefits of vacation rentals over hotels seem obvious—more room and kitchen amenities, for example—but not everyone is a good fit for a cottage or cabin. Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of holiday cottage rentals.

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Pros of Vacation Rentals

You’re based at home. You are free to sleep in, explore the area, and go back to your “home away from home” at any time. You may rest and recover in a cozy setting if you’re feeling under the weather.

Unpacking is just necessary once. A lot of elderly travelers find daily packing and unpacking to be tedious. You can unwind, feel at home, and enjoy your holiday without having to gather your pajamas and socks every morning when you rent a vacation cottage.

There’s more space for you. Compared to hotel rooms or even most bed & breakfast inns, vacation rentals provide more square footage per person. If you choose the correct rental apartment, you’ll have plenty of space even if you’re traveling with a big group or another couple. Moreover, it’s all yours. There won’t be any issues with noisy neighbors or shared restrooms.

You can remain in the place of your dreams. There’s a good chance you can locate the ideal vacation rental, whether your preference is an apartment in the heart of the city, a beachside cottage, or a lodge in the mountains.

You get to pick the kind of lodging and extras that will really make your trip unforgettable. While some tenants would prefer outside swings, fire pits, and gas grills, others will consider a hot tub or Jacuzzi bathtub to be a “must-have” item. You can definitely locate a cottage with all the “extras” you want if you thoroughly review vacation rental ads.

Purchasing and preparing your own food will help you save money. The ability to cook “at home” is a major factor in the decision of many tenants when selecting a holiday cottage. Shopping at neighborhood food stores is enjoyable, but it’s much more enjoyable to use your vacation funds for sightseeing rather than dining out.

Cons of Vacation Rentals

A property manager or other staff members are typically not present on the premises, especially if you rent directly from the owner. This implies that solving issues, no matter how big or little, will take time. Renting a cottage might not be the ideal choice if you have trouble packing both your patience and your holiday attire.

You might need to pack extra towels, sheets, and other things. Towels and linens are provided in certain vacation rentals, but not in others—especially in Europe and certain regions of Canada. You should give this a lot of thought, especially if you’re flying to your location.

If you’re renting a cottage in a beach, mountain, or resort location, you’ll generally need to rent or bring a car. While there may be public transit close to downtown vacation rentals, an automobile is required to reach a beachfront home or a mountain lodge.

It’s up to you to clean up after yourself. Maid service is often not provided by vacation rentals. Additionally, since there won’t be a front desk employee or concierge available to you, you will need to plan your own daily travel schedule.

You could be let down when you get there. Looks might be misleading; that “cozy cottage” you saw online can actually be furnished with items from a yard sale, or it might have additional issues that you won’t be able to remedy. You might rather stick with the tried-and-true dependability of your preferred hotel chain if you’re not good with surprises.